Collection: Blissful Serenity Gift Set

Experience pure tranquility with our Blissful Serenity Set, thoughtfully curated to elevate your or a loved one's self-care routine. Handcrafted with care, this suggested set features luxuriously soft hand towels, artisanal soap infused with soothing scents, a delicately scented candle to fill your space with a calming ambiance, and a beautifully crafted soap dish to complement the bathroom decor. 

To complete your own set SELECT and ADD to CART the following:

1) 1 candle

2) 1-2 hand towels

3) 1-2 soap bars; and

4) 1 soap dish from our collection of carefully selected options.

Enjoy the convenience of a perfectly coordinated set at a special 10% discount using coupon code BathGiftBox. Prices range from $73 to $101, after discount, based on your personalized selections.

Immerse yourself in a moment of blissful serenity with this thoughtfully curated set.